Yes, because that is the way she has made it through life for 57 years

She would run up bills and then Mommy and Daddy would pay them. When dh and I took over dmil’s accounts in 2006 we cut her off more or less, but she still managed to get between $100 to $400, sometimes more a month from her mother one way or another.

Then in 2011 she told SS a bunch of lies, had MY mail transferred to her house until I threatened mail fraud charges against her. She now has complete control of dmil’s ss and the best we can figure has gone through over $100,000 in 3 years between the ss, cashing in life insurance policies and taking out charge cards and maxing them all in dmil’s name.

Now she can’t pay them and she’s giving them my phone number. I’ll have her butt arrested if it keeps on. Family or no family.

We truthfully have no idea where they are living or how to contact them, and the agency calling me a liar really made me angry.