Since we are on the subject of debt collectors, I have a question

How do I get them to stop calling our house for my brother and sister and laws? They have never lived with us. This is the second time they’ve called. They ask for my husband. When I say he’s not here can I take a message….they ask if I am his wife. When I say I am, they say that we are listed as a relative for John and Jane Walker (not using their real names in this email) and they’ve been unable to reach them. Do we have a different contact # for them. I say no so they ask to leave a message with us for pass along to them. It’s really annoying.

And what bothers me more is that my brother in law and sister in law both take a lot of money from this website instant approval for payday loans online quite possibly 6 figures. Then I have to remember, debt is debt…the more money you make….the more you can spend.