Ok, so 1 CC balance is just slightly above the credit limit

This is the only CC company who would not work with me AT ALL during and after DH’s unemployment.

According to “them”, my MINIMUM due is $490. This is $45 of REAL minimum due, and the rest is all late fees from the past 12 months. They have been unwilling to modify any of the late fees, I’ve asked numerous times (acknowledging that they’re not legally obligated to do it.)

I’m at a point YAY (!) where this is the only CC which is “past due.” (Ok, there’s a Capital One CC also, but that one doesn’t count. They bought out my HSBC account which was closed by me way back in the day, and when they did it, closed my ability to pay it. It took months for us to get that straightened out, so now according to them I’m “behind.” whatever.)

Anyway. Back to the CC at hand. This Friday I COULD pay the $100 I normally send them, PLUS another $400 which would (a) bring my balance down to $1500 AND (b) bring me “current.” This account has been closed by THEM.

On the other hand, I could continue making my $100 a month payment to them, and pay off TWO Cc’s which would add $50 a month to my debt snowball.

Or pay off a different CC entirely (instead of the two), (also a closed account) which would also add $50 a month to my debt snowball.

Thoughts? Pay down the large CC or the smaller ones?