Ok, I just got off the phone with TMobile

You may recall that my youngest racked up a $450 long distance phone bill texting some girl who lives (it turned out) in Canada. They allowed me to break it up into 5 payments of $90 each.

They were also nice enough to give me a $120 credit. I thought they were going to apply it to the long distance charges, (making my long distance balance $330) but instead they applied it to my overall balance. So, while that resulted in a lower payment that month, it means my overall bill will shoot up $90 a month until the LD charges are paid off.

Right now, after paying my bill this past month, the LD charge balance is $360. So…instead of paying off the two credit cards, which will only buy me $50 a month in debt snowball, I’m going to pay off Tmobile instead. It doesn’t give me the same dead-cheetah high that paying off two CCs would, but getting an extra $90 a month to throw on my debt snowball is probably better in the long run.

Sigh. And yes, he’s working it off. He’s been helping me HUGE with babysitting jobs , like the emergency babysitting job I did which brought in an additional $375 in a week…which went a long way to getting us back on track.