Making a vow to try and pay my utility bills from my paypal debit card

That way I can transfer the cash out of my checking account immediately and it just sits in the paypal until the payment posts.

I goofed a bit this last week and forgot I used the credit union bill pay system to pay the electric bill. I set it as a scheduled payment, didn’t note the payment in my check register, and it didn’t draft until 4 days later. Caught me off guard! Still had the money in there luckily, but I would feel more comfortable if the money just came out right away. When I had chase (who ar evil…) I remember when I used bill pay it took the money immediately. Not sure why cu doesnt.

So to solve, I think paypal will be easiest… and it is free to transfer the cash.

Anybody have any other methods to tackle the withdrawal time for these types of payments?