I’ve just joined Blog, very pleased to be here

I’m not a MLM survivor though I’ve had many people make numerous attempts to recruit me over the years (haven’t we all?) but I AM seriously anti-MLM.

I hold some fairly.. strong … views about MLM as an addictive behaviour and it’s relationship to alcohol use, drug use and other addictive behaviours.

I’ve been silent about MLM for a long time; sitting on the fence desperately trying not to ‘save’ people; not to offend people etc.
But I’ve reached the stage where I want to contribute something to the debate. That ‘something’ is first of all, a interested objective view of MLM backed up by personal experience and insight.

To the creator of this site, congratulations – a great move and to the contributors, congratulations, too for coming here.

My ideas about the addictive nature of MLM have been strengthened by just a few hours reading this morning (here and elsewhere). Even in peoples’ own accounts, the references to alcohol are so striking that I’ve printed off 20 pages of stories and started highlighting them.
Watching MLMers trying to recruit MLM ‘survivors’ on this forum is like watching users trying to encourage abstinent users to relapse…