I’ve been having such a problem

with my résumé that when Kathryn Kerby (from this list) offered to take a look at it, I gratefully accepted.

Wowzer! I honestly thought I had a pretty decent résumé, but she really zazzed it up and made it pop. I can’t wait to upload it to linkedin, monster and other sites and start working it. Okay, evidently I CAN wait, because she did this a few weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to doing it.

ANYWAY, what she does is take people’s old resumes, which often aren’t performing very well, and restructures them into layouts and formats that HR people are expecting, with hints on how to make them even more robust.

I am grateful she is motivated by a desire to help people get through the blood-letting that job searches often turn into by taking a less-than-stellar resume and really turning it around,

I “talked” to her off list, and she’s thinking about posting a freebie Resumes 101 tutorial article to the DR list (if that’s ok with the Mods/Owners–not actually sure who that is!) , with lots of guidelines and suggestions and templates for folks to look at.

She gave me the option of (a) taking the suggestions and doing the work myself (for free), or (b) paying her to do it. Honestly, option (B) stands for Better option 🙂

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know 🙂