In the ‘The God Delusion’ Richard Dawkins points out

that one thing all religions have in common is that they are protected from criticism in ways that no-one else or no other institution is.

Except, maybe, MLM.

If you go to any business forum, you will find people tip-toeing around the MLM system, taking care not to offend. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read “I’m sure there are good MLM companies..” and “I’m sure that YOU don’t aggressively and inappropriately recruit people..” I’ve lost count of the times I’VE said that in my attempt not to cause offense.

If you visit any of the major ‘MLM motivational’ forums (places where the faithful can sustain each other in their belief / addictions) the first thing you’ll notice is their attitude to criticism of MLM in any form. It is dismissed outright as ‘negativity’ – and of course, listening to that negativity is just one more way in which YOU can fail MLM rather than MLM fail you. And as in so many oppressive and bullying organisational cultures,’negative’ becomes the label for anyone who disagrees or questions.