If I’m not going to knock out the $500 “minimum due”

(which debt snowball $ wise, doesn’t really do anything for me)….then I’d probably lean toward the two smaller ones. After I clicked send, I added up the two little ones, I found out paying those two off leaves me with $68 (out of the $400 income) which I guess I could put toward the idiot Capital One people (the ones who bought the closed out account.) That would make me feel better than just putting $400 toward a $500 balance on the other one.

I might be even able to squeeze another $90 somewhere to put toward Capital One which would put me right-side up with them.

That could change in a few days though. The bank who DH is trying to get the Kia re-fi’d through is the same one who owns the large CC. So I might have to pay them off just to get the car re-fi’d.