I think this is a KEY point of Quixtar and other MLMs

From what I remember of “The Plan”, they don’t actually say, “You just get things rolling, and after that, the people you have under you will make you rich,” but they do say it in many ways. They say Diamonds can take it easy because the system runs itself, for example. They also never come out and say, “If you get hard working people under you, you just ride on their work.” However, they imply it in every way they can, like pointing out that it “isn’t a pyramid scheme” because you can have someone under you doing much better than you.

This is evilly clever, since ANYONE hearing that part will think *I* am the one who will somehow find someone who works hard, and, of course, that this hard worker will be so busy working hard they won’t notice that they’re working hard and I am not — that I’m just riding that wave of success they create. It’s really a quite nasty trick and I think a major lynchpin to their entire deception — planting the idea that all they need is one or two people under them who will bust their tails and create the success that eludes all other IBO.

I think this is the unspoken message behind the repeated claim that you could suddenly break through at any time also includes the reference that at any time you could suddenly find the one person who will blindly bust their ass for you and your upline to make you and others rich — while at the same time, there is this VERY nasty dynamic of imaging a person who is too dumb to see what you’re doing, but so helpful and dedicated to you that they’ll do all the work.