I noticed the term “dream stealer” on this post

When my old mlm upline tried to tell me that my husband was a dream stealer, that’s what drew the line in the sand for me,uhg. I could not believe the audacity and the stupidity of these people. What, I was going to turn my husband away for them? That’s exactly what I felt that they where trying to do! When pushed came to shove, I left! How rude of these people for they knew nothing of my husband or my personal life. They pretended to be apart of that. I was not going to let them get away with that idea that my husband was holding me back and my family. Yes, it was that insane. That was the personal part that made me leave and rethink it all. My husband is more loyal to me than those people ever where or will be. I almost laughed in their faces. That is where I believe the biz turns more cultish. Your supposed to be more loyal to the biz instead of your family,hmmm.

Maybe this will help some people who have spouses in an mlm. I remembered all the good things that my husband did for me. I got out with that still intact. Go that route instead of just fighting the mlm.