I am shaking

THE sil ran up charge cards in dmil’s name and has not paid on the for at least five months we know of. Apparently she gave the collection agencies our number and they are calling here. She made a MAJOR mistake doing so. I am informing each and every one of them dmil has Azheimer’s that it is NOT her that is running the cards up and then not paying them but the sil and that they have a case of identity theft on their hands.

I do NOT have time for this each one is being told I do not know where dmil is, I do not have contact info on her and they are NOT to call here again. She does NOT live here and we are NOT responsible for her.

I can’t stand what this THIEF is doing I hope they jail her backside.

Dh said I should give them the phone number of the other sil who has believed every single lie THE sil has told her and let her deal with them. She has accused dh and myself of numerous bad actions based on the lies. Now am I that wicked or not.