Here is another possibility

Is there possibly another person with the same name? Dh and I got dunned hard once for debts for another couple with our same names, only hers was Janice and mine is Jan. we nearly lost a house we were purchasing as a result until we got hold of the people.

Then for awhile, as a bad debt was traded off, I received phone calls from collection agencies for a person with the same name as ds (only they spelled it differently) because they both went to the same college. When I tried telling them this, especially the third or fourth collection agency in a year I finally asked what social security number they were using. They asked for ds’ and I would only give them the last 4 of it. Guess what it didn’t match in any way shape or form and they ceased to call ever.

So it could be something like that. Jan who use to get a lot of bad credit phone calls for other people and now she just lets the fax machine answer the landline and that ends that (LOL!) in OK