Cleaning also solved our pig problem!

Still cleaning and de-cluttering, and at the same time our pbp (pot belly pig) Rosa discovered she could use her weight to knock over the dog food bin and gorge herself. It took her 3 years to make this discovery, and I am not even sure why or how since she is usually such a good girl who stays out of things (not normal for a pig).

DH and I weren’t sure where we could move the container to keep her out, but still be easy for us to access when the bin is at its full 50lb capacity. We put it up on the dryer for the time being since it was half full and lighter, but that wouldnt fly once it was time for a refill.

Well, cleaning up I found 2 old end tables in the pool house. They were the perfect width to sit in the corner of the laundry room, and put the food bin just out of Rosa’s reach. Shes a smart little piggy… so I also weighted the table drawer with extra landscape rocks from the backyard. I am sure she will try knocking the table over to get to the dog food, but I think we’ve got this pig proofed. Hope I am right!

Just before finding these tables, I was searching online to spend money on a different food container… here’s hoping we don’t have to.