Back in 1995 I was completely seduced by Equinox international

It was ten months of running up high credit card debt.

As soon as the “leader’s” of the office i worked at found I had reservations, they ‘boxed’ me. A Euphanism for kicking you out.

I sweated blood at that office and the corresponding Ft. Worth office and helped them rip off a poor pregnant woman who had just gotten out of the military to the tune of $5000. At that time, I actually believed I was helping her.

I feel so sad that I hurt that person. Over my ten months in that Dallas office i watched people become disillusioned as well as the ones that kept on going and refused to admit that anything was wrong, even though they continued to go nowhere -except more into debt.

The office owners there, charged us $500 dollars to rent a desk each month. Considering there were like 20 desks there, it was easy to see that they were making plenty of cash of the desk rent.

One common theme they try to sell you on in MLM is that if you just believe in yourself, you’ll be successful. Well it doesn’t work that way in real life. It takes more than just, “believing in yourself” – though that is indeed useful.

These words and many other phrases can be used to twist and manipulate people. I feel so sad for the problems that not only came into my life as a result but also the way that I affected others and how others were warped and twisted by those kinds of words too.

I had leanings toward the diehard mentality myself. And then my friend, Carlton, dropped out with his girlfriend. Tey tried to tell me about the terrible things that were happening there, but I didn’t belive them, nor would I admit to myself that anything was wrong.

I’m glad for them that they didn’t let Equinox split them apart. I wouldn’t have been so lucky, as I mentioned before, i have the die hard mentatility that is so easily taken advantage of.

Now that I’m older and a hopefully a little wiser I see how we were so manipulated by the leaders of that office and the Equinox leaders.

Even though it all happened ten years ago, the pain of it all will never be forgotten.

They would tell people, ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’. I didn’t have the wisdom to see how those words were used to control people.

I was broke and in a lot of debt by the time I woke up. The funny thing was that I tried Melaleuca and a little known company called Marathon while I was in Dallas before Equinox, but I still didn’t see how unlikely you are to succeed in such companies. Unfortunately the seduction of MLM and particularly Equinox took me away from my studies at Chiropractic School. I dropped out to do Equinox.

Though I returned to chiro school later, the scars of that whole equinox experience left me very mistrustful of people and I guess, that we all should be. It was a sad experience to say the least.
I wish I had been wiser and had been able to see through it at the time. But I couldn’t.

And now Equinox is no more, which is proof that it was a major scam.

I would love to hear your comments and responses. And if anyone is on this list from that Dallas office in 1995, I would especially like to communicate with you.

Don’t worry, even if you were one of the ‘bad’ influences there, I won’t rip you apart. I’m just interested in the healing that can come from communicating about it. So feel free to write if you recognize me in this post.