Well I’ve learned of a new MLM (well it’s new to me) Heritage Makers

It’s apparently a ploy to make scrapbooking all digital. The books are the size of a children’s story and extremely expensive I think a 5×5 book is almost $50.00. To sign up as a consultant there is a business kit for $99.95 and an “optional” Demo Kit for $299.95. They seem to function similar to Pampered Chef except they really don’t have much in the way of product. Their products are cards and storybooks. I have a sorority sister that has bombarded me with emails on this. I just got invited to her “Business Conference”. Beware.

In the ‘The God Delusion’ Richard Dawkins points out

that one thing all religions have in common is that they are protected from criticism in ways that no-one else or no other institution is.

Except, maybe, MLM.

If you go to any business forum, you will find people tip-toeing around the MLM system, taking care not to offend. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read “I’m sure there are good MLM companies..” and “I’m sure that YOU don’t aggressively and inappropriately recruit people..” I’ve lost count of the times I’VE said that in my attempt not to cause offense.

If you visit any of the major ‘MLM motivational’ forums (places where the faithful can sustain each other in their belief / addictions) the first thing you’ll notice is their attitude to criticism of MLM in any form. It is dismissed outright as ‘negativity’ – and of course, listening to that negativity is just one more way in which YOU can fail MLM rather than MLM fail you. And as in so many oppressive and bullying organisational cultures,’negative’ becomes the label for anyone who disagrees or questions.

After reading years-worth of horror stories about

financial and relationship losses incurred by folks who get “plugged into” a Motivational Organization, I’m concerned that some are what I call “Motivational Junkies”. They stay involved, because they need that artificial excitement and canned love. They get high on the “positive atmosphere”, ignoring the destruction happening all around themselves.
They have pinups of Lamborghinis on their empty refrigerators.

Yes, I believe that this could certainly be classified as an addiction for some folks!

I’ve just joined Blog, very pleased to be here

I’m not a MLM survivor though I’ve had many people make numerous attempts to recruit me over the years (haven’t we all?) but I AM seriously anti-MLM.

I hold some fairly.. strong … views about MLM as an addictive behaviour and it’s relationship to alcohol use, drug use and other addictive behaviours.

I’ve been silent about MLM for a long time; sitting on the fence desperately trying not to ‘save’ people; not to offend people etc.
But I’ve reached the stage where I want to contribute something to the debate. That ‘something’ is first of all, a interested objective view of MLM backed up by personal experience and insight.

To the creator of this site, congratulations – a great move and to the contributors, congratulations, too for coming here.

My ideas about the addictive nature of MLM have been strengthened by just a few hours reading this morning (here and elsewhere). Even in peoples’ own accounts, the references to alcohol are so striking that I’ve printed off 20 pages of stories and started highlighting them.
Watching MLMers trying to recruit MLM ‘survivors’ on this forum is like watching users trying to encourage abstinent users to relapse…

Oh yes, that person certainly isn’t going to be thinking the same thing

I’ve heard that same myth from my boyfriend. He was telling me all about Joe Shmoe with his huge downline and how one of those people just happened to be a “star” who brought in lots of business. I asked why he couldn’t be the “star”. What gets me is, the people who tell you these stories are the same ones who insist that all your success is a direct result of how much work *you* put into it. They pay lip service to that idea, but I don’t think they really believe it. They’re secretly hoping that someone else is going to make them rich, something they have no control over at all. And they believe it in spite of the fact that, statistically speaking, it is much more likely that any given person in their downline will drop out after a few months or a year.

I think this is a KEY point of Quixtar and other MLMs

From what I remember of “The Plan”, they don’t actually say, “You just get things rolling, and after that, the people you have under you will make you rich,” but they do say it in many ways. They say Diamonds can take it easy because the system runs itself, for example. They also never come out and say, “If you get hard working people under you, you just ride on their work.” However, they imply it in every way they can, like pointing out that it “isn’t a pyramid scheme” because you can have someone under you doing much better than you.

This is evilly clever, since ANYONE hearing that part will think *I* am the one who will somehow find someone who works hard, and, of course, that this hard worker will be so busy working hard they won’t notice that they’re working hard and I am not — that I’m just riding that wave of success they create. It’s really a quite nasty trick and I think a major lynchpin to their entire deception — planting the idea that all they need is one or two people under them who will bust their tails and create the success that eludes all other IBO.

I think this is the unspoken message behind the repeated claim that you could suddenly break through at any time also includes the reference that at any time you could suddenly find the one person who will blindly bust their ass for you and your upline to make you and others rich — while at the same time, there is this VERY nasty dynamic of imaging a person who is too dumb to see what you’re doing, but so helpful and dedicated to you that they’ll do all the work.

So was I, in 1999, while I was looking for a job

I was living in Utah at the time. I responded to an ad in the paper – something like “help save the environment, travel, great pay”. I was actually late for the meeting the first time I went, and – how stupid could I be? – I went back a second time and heard the whole pitch and had reservations, but for some reason I let myself get talked into it. It took me a couple of months to actually commit to getting that $5K loan, after hoodwinking many friends into attending meetings with me. My girlfriend at the time got involved as well, and I remember an awkward moment as we were driving with some friends to a meeting and they jokingly asked “Is it Amway?” I had more than one person tell me and the people at the office of their skepticism, and part of me wanted them to decisively prove me wrong so I could have an excuse to bail out – I was very susceptible to the manipulation tactics used by the people in the local office, and even more to the kingpins. I learned a lot about my own character and how it needed to be changed, the hard way.

I went away for the summer that year and didn’t do anything about the business – in fact, I kept quiet about it, pretending that I had nothing to do with it when I used some of the products in view of other people: “some guy sold me this”. I foolishly thought that my girlfriend, who I had signed on, would build up a nice downline for me while I was gone and I would come back a rich man. What really happened was that she panicked. I came back and made a fool of myself by trying to sell things to people, using the soft-sale techniques that they said would make people spontaneously want to buy the products. I very reluctantly I began to admit that I had let myself be deceived – for someone who can be as stubborn as I can, it’s hard to admit that you’ve just put yourself in debt for all that money that you’ll have to work to pay off, when you could have been saving up what you earned instead.

I think the stress of it was a factor in my girlfriend and me splitting up, although it probably would have happened anyway.

Right after I sent in my termination packet, I found out that the FTC had shut Equinox down. I was relieved and hoped that I might get some money back from all that liquidating they were doing – serve them right, I thought. I never saw a cent of it, and meanwhile there were people who I couldn’t look in the eye anymore. I ended some friendships and made others more awkward. I was embarrassed to mention it to new people.

I found this group about a year and a half ago. It’s helped me be more open about my experience (online, at least), and it’s a good source of information on how to work against the spread of MLMs. Again, welcome.
It’s always nice to find people who’ve been through the same one.

Back in 1995 I was completely seduced by Equinox international

It was ten months of running up high credit card debt.

As soon as the “leader’s” of the office i worked at found I had reservations, they ‘boxed’ me. A Euphanism for kicking you out.

I sweated blood at that office and the corresponding Ft. Worth office and helped them rip off a poor pregnant woman who had just gotten out of the military to the tune of $5000. At that time, I actually believed I was helping her.

I feel so sad that I hurt that person. Over my ten months in that Dallas office i watched people become disillusioned as well as the ones that kept on going and refused to admit that anything was wrong, even though they continued to go nowhere -except more into debt.

The office owners there, charged us $500 dollars to rent a desk each month. Considering there were like 20 desks there, it was easy to see that they were making plenty of cash of the desk rent.

One common theme they try to sell you on in MLM is that if you just believe in yourself, you’ll be successful. Well it doesn’t work that way in real life. It takes more than just, “believing in yourself” – though that is indeed useful.

These words and many other phrases can be used to twist and manipulate people. I feel so sad for the problems that not only came into my life as a result but also the way that I affected others and how others were warped and twisted by those kinds of words too.

I had leanings toward the diehard mentality myself. And then my friend, Carlton, dropped out with his girlfriend. Tey tried to tell me about the terrible things that were happening there, but I didn’t belive them, nor would I admit to myself that anything was wrong.

I’m glad for them that they didn’t let Equinox split them apart. I wouldn’t have been so lucky, as I mentioned before, i have the die hard mentatility that is so easily taken advantage of.

Now that I’m older and a hopefully a little wiser I see how we were so manipulated by the leaders of that office and the Equinox leaders.

Even though it all happened ten years ago, the pain of it all will never be forgotten.

They would tell people, ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’. I didn’t have the wisdom to see how those words were used to control people.

I was broke and in a lot of debt by the time I woke up. The funny thing was that I tried Melaleuca and a little known company called Marathon while I was in Dallas before Equinox, but I still didn’t see how unlikely you are to succeed in such companies. Unfortunately the seduction of MLM and particularly Equinox took me away from my studies at Chiropractic School. I dropped out to do Equinox.

Though I returned to chiro school later, the scars of that whole equinox experience left me very mistrustful of people and I guess, that we all should be. It was a sad experience to say the least.
I wish I had been wiser and had been able to see through it at the time. But I couldn’t.

And now Equinox is no more, which is proof that it was a major scam.

I would love to hear your comments and responses. And if anyone is on this list from that Dallas office in 1995, I would especially like to communicate with you.

Don’t worry, even if you were one of the ‘bad’ influences there, I won’t rip you apart. I’m just interested in the healing that can come from communicating about it. So feel free to write if you recognize me in this post.

I have recently been pressured by quite a few people

I know to join ACN and I even went to one of their meetings just so I could say, “ok, fine, I went!”. All of a sudden, everyone is talking about it. It’s all happened within the past 4 months & so many people seem obsessed by it, thinking they’re going to make tons of money. I read on the web some things about it but can’t find a lot of information regarding this company. I have no intentions on joining this MLM but I’m afraid for all the people who are getting sucked into it who are friends & work colleagues. Can anyone share any experiences with ACN that they’ve had?
Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of your blog & for sharing any information you have.

Just yesterday

I asked my son if Quixtar was more important to him than his family. His answer was no,but he has a goal he has to meet.
Tuesdays use to be the one day he would eat dinner with the family because it is meeting night so he didn’t go out recuiting. That’s changed though, now he goes out recuiting before the meeting, which maens he is out doing that seven days a week.

I noticed the term “dream stealer” on this post

When my old mlm upline tried to tell me that my husband was a dream stealer, that’s what drew the line in the sand for me,uhg. I could not believe the audacity and the stupidity of these people. What, I was going to turn my husband away for them? That’s exactly what I felt that they where trying to do! When pushed came to shove, I left! How rude of these people for they knew nothing of my husband or my personal life. They pretended to be apart of that. I was not going to let them get away with that idea that my husband was holding me back and my family. Yes, it was that insane. That was the personal part that made me leave and rethink it all. My husband is more loyal to me than those people ever where or will be. I almost laughed in their faces. That is where I believe the biz turns more cultish. Your supposed to be more loyal to the biz instead of your family,hmmm.

Maybe this will help some people who have spouses in an mlm. I remembered all the good things that my husband did for me. I got out with that still intact. Go that route instead of just fighting the mlm.

Ok, I just got off the phone with TMobile

You may recall that my youngest racked up a $450 long distance phone bill texting some girl who lives (it turned out) in Canada. They allowed me to break it up into 5 payments of $90 each.

They were also nice enough to give me a $120 credit. I thought they were going to apply it to the long distance charges, (making my long distance balance $330) but instead they applied it to my overall balance. So, while that resulted in a lower payment that month, it means my overall bill will shoot up $90 a month until the LD charges are paid off.

Right now, after paying my bill this past month, the LD charge balance is $360. So…instead of paying off the two credit cards, which will only buy me $50 a month in debt snowball, I’m going to pay off Tmobile instead. It doesn’t give me the same dead-cheetah high that paying off two CCs would, but getting an extra $90 a month to throw on my debt snowball is probably better in the long run.

Sigh. And yes, he’s working it off. He’s been helping me HUGE with babysitting jobs , like the emergency babysitting job I did which brought in an additional $375 in a week…which went a long way to getting us back on track.

If I’m not going to knock out the $500 “minimum due”

(which debt snowball $ wise, doesn’t really do anything for me)….then I’d probably lean toward the two smaller ones. After I clicked send, I added up the two little ones, I found out paying those two off leaves me with $68 (out of the $400 income) which I guess I could put toward the idiot Capital One people (the ones who bought the closed out account.) That would make me feel better than just putting $400 toward a $500 balance on the other one.

I might be even able to squeeze another $90 somewhere to put toward Capital One which would put me right-side up with them.

That could change in a few days though. The bank who DH is trying to get the Kia re-fi’d through is the same one who owns the large CC. So I might have to pay them off just to get the car re-fi’d.

Ok, so 1 CC balance is just slightly above the credit limit

This is the only CC company who would not work with me AT ALL during and after DH’s unemployment.

According to “them”, my MINIMUM due is $490. This is $45 of REAL minimum due, and the rest is all late fees from the past 12 months. They have been unwilling to modify any of the late fees, I’ve asked numerous times (acknowledging that they’re not legally obligated to do it.)

I’m at a point YAY (!) where this is the only CC which is “past due.” (Ok, there’s a Capital One CC also, but that one doesn’t count. They bought out my HSBC account which was closed by me way back in the day, and when they did it, closed my ability to pay it. It took months for us to get that straightened out, so now according to them I’m “behind.” whatever.)

Anyway. Back to the CC at hand. This Friday I COULD pay the $100 I normally send them, PLUS another $400 which would (a) bring my balance down to $1500 AND (b) bring me “current.” This account has been closed by THEM.

On the other hand, I could continue making my $100 a month payment to them, and pay off TWO Cc’s which would add $50 a month to my debt snowball.

Or pay off a different CC entirely (instead of the two), (also a closed account) which would also add $50 a month to my debt snowball.

Thoughts? Pay down the large CC or the smaller ones?

I’m totally behind on the list

however, have you considered putting the information together as an ebook and selling it on amazon/somewhere on the Internet? That was my first thought when I read your post: that it would make an amazing ebook.

That kind of thing would have been helpful several weeks ago when my husband was revamping his resume, luckily he just got an amazing job offer this Saturday that he is excited to take, however, I wish I would have known earlier about what you do, because we totally would have used you.

Anyway, consider doing the ebook, it won’t make you rich, but every little bit helps. If you need any help proof reading, I’d be happy to help.

Oh my gosh, Kathy, thank you for that!

I had asked Kathy if I could tell folks I’d done some work for her, and if she’d let folks know whether she’d been happy with it. Never thought she’d go to such lengths!

A little more of the back story – I have been a technical writer for various fields and industries for 25+ years. So when our DR work clearly indicated that I needed to get a part-time job in addition to the farm work, going back to that technical writing seemed the natural choice. Resume work has filled the bill pretty nicely – I can do the work at home, early, late, and/or in between other tasks, and I talk to all my clients through either phone or email. I work for a resume service, so they do all the annoying stuff like marketing, client billing, record-keeping, etc. It’s not earning us a lot but it’s enough to help us make ends meet, which is exactly what we were looking for.

I have been doing resumes for about six months now, and I’ve learned a lot about what goes on within HR departments as folks submit resumes for review. When Kathy posted awhile ago about having all sorts of financial experience but BofA turned her down for lack of experience, that’s exactly the type of problem that brings people to our proverbial doorstep. She’s been such a trooper on the list, and had been hit by her fair share (and then some) of Murphy, that I felt compelled to do something to help. So I offered to look over her resume, and help her whip it into a format that HR departments would smile on instead of frown at.

Given that experience and given a few other resumes I’ve done for family and friends, I can say that a whole lot of folks really struggle with how to put together a solid resume that is going to really perform well. The information is out there but it can be tough to pull together, and there are a lot of differing opinions about what works and what doesn’t. Towards that end, I am working on a Resumes 101 for the list, and it’s turned into something of a monster. There’s just so much to go over in terms of “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” and myths and best practices, that it’s hard to sum it all up. I thought I could write it in a weekend and here we are almost a month later and I’m not done. But I wanted to give the list a guide for how to really put together a sharp resume, because that really is where the rubber meets the road for 99% of job applications. The chance for folks to just “drop off an application” and get face-time with a manager, and have that be sufficient, are just about gone the way of the dinosaur for all but the smallest companies. Everyone else is stuck with needing to learn the rules for resumes, and precious few folks are sharing. Kathy was dead-on accurate when she called the job search a blood-letting. That’s certainly the way it feels sometimes. So I wanted to do what I could for the list to keep it sane, and give folks the best shot at landing the jobs they want or need. After all the support that the list has provided, that seemed a nice way to help.

I’m not done yet with the Resumes 101 but I’ll post it as soon as I can. It’s going to cover a variety of topics – current format recommendations, ways to help your resume stand out in comparison to others which might be competing, what information to include, what not to include and why, and some of the major changes in HR job applications handling which have made all this a very different process than it was even five years ago.

In the meantime, if folks want to ask general questions about resumes either on-list or off, I’ll answer to the best of my ability. There’s a lot to know and no question is too big or too small. If folks want to send me their resumes to look over and then I give them some “DIY” suggestions, I’ll be happy to do that for free. Be prepared that it sometimes takes me a few days to get the turnaround time for that. Or, if folks are totally up against a wall with resumes which aren’t working, or they don’t have one and need one, and they want me to do their resumes for them, contact me off-list and I’ll let you know my rates and availability. The cost will vary by the amount of work I’ll need to do, but I can say now it’ll range between $50 – $150. If that seems steep, consider that the service which employs me, starts at $179 for a no-frills resume. I typically put 3-6hrs into each resume so I won’t be retiring on resume income anytime soon. But I wanted to be clear about what it would cost folks, and why the Resumes 101 and freebie advice might be a good choice for folks who are really squeezed.

I’ve been having such a problem

with my résumé that when Kathryn Kerby (from this list) offered to take a look at it, I gratefully accepted.

Wowzer! I honestly thought I had a pretty decent résumé, but she really zazzed it up and made it pop. I can’t wait to upload it to linkedin, monster and other sites and start working it. Okay, evidently I CAN wait, because she did this a few weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to doing it.

ANYWAY, what she does is take people’s old resumes, which often aren’t performing very well, and restructures them into layouts and formats that HR people are expecting, with hints on how to make them even more robust.

I am grateful she is motivated by a desire to help people get through the blood-letting that job searches often turn into by taking a less-than-stellar resume and really turning it around,

I “talked” to her off list, and she’s thinking about posting a freebie Resumes 101 tutorial article to the DR list (if that’s ok with the Mods/Owners–not actually sure who that is!) , with lots of guidelines and suggestions and templates for folks to look at.

She gave me the option of (a) taking the suggestions and doing the work myself (for free), or (b) paying her to do it. Honestly, option (B) stands for Better option 🙂

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know 🙂


I may give them too much credit but in this case, it all got straightened out before any one was arrested. In fact, by the time dh got to the police station, they had already figured out dh was not the one they wanted, that it was someone else with the same name.

I was thinking the same thing

I’ve heard WAY too many stories about someone being mistakenly arrested, even with much evidence to the contrary… If they’re looking for a guy named John Smith, and they pull over a guy named John Smith, he gets arrested. It usually ends up being much worse, because John Smith resists, or becomes belligerent because he KNOWS he isn’t the one who did the crime.

I agree that this could possibly an explanation

Long time ago when dd was a baby, or maybe before she came along, I got stopped for speeding. The officer ran my plates, only to come back and ask if my husband’s name is Jo—. I said yes. She said there is a warrant out for his arrest. I asked, “for what?” Hot checks. I said I really don’t think so because we both use the same account and I would know. He had to end up going down to the police station to get it straightened out. We lived in a very small town and there was another couple living there, both with the same first and last name of each of us. Believe me, if it happened in this very small town, it could happen anywhere.

Here is another possibility

Is there possibly another person with the same name? Dh and I got dunned hard once for debts for another couple with our same names, only hers was Janice and mine is Jan. we nearly lost a house we were purchasing as a result until we got hold of the people.

Then for awhile, as a bad debt was traded off, I received phone calls from collection agencies for a person with the same name as ds (only they spelled it differently) because they both went to the same college. When I tried telling them this, especially the third or fourth collection agency in a year I finally asked what social security number they were using. They asked for ds’ and I would only give them the last 4 of it. Guess what it didn’t match in any way shape or form and they ceased to call ever.

So it could be something like that. Jan who use to get a lot of bad credit phone calls for other people and now she just lets the fax machine answer the landline and that ends that (LOL!) in OK

You all are sooooo much nicer than me

First of all I would call the bil and sil and TELL them about the situation and that it is up to them to stop it because it is interfering with your life because of their inability to deal with their debt. They are most likely unaware the calls are happening and will be MAJOR embarrassed. Embarrassed enough to put a stop to it. They in fact have grounds against the company if after they notify them both verbally and in writing if you are ever called again.

NOW a lesson in how to stand on a desk and stop the nonsense. I had to do this when we first moved into this house because the people who had previously had our phone number skipped out on a LOT of bills.

Offer to take the phone name and phone number of the person calling. Once you get those write it down, repeat it back to them. Ask if the call is being recorded. State you want it to be. Then ask for a supervisor. When you get up the food chain a bit (and record all the names you have spoken to going up) tell that person you have spoken to that you have the number and names of the people who evidently don’t understand plain English and that you are going to repeat yourself only one more time. The couple does NOT live here, they have never lived here, and you have ZERO contact with them. That they are calling on a work only phone and are putting your job in danger because you are not allowed any private calls on it.

If they EVER call this number again you will file every possible charge you can against them with both the fair credit act and the local law enforcement agency because obviously they are doing illegal activities or they would not continue to call. Also tell them you will bring a civil lawsuit against them and name all the people on your list as people to sue individually as well as the firm itself. As is your right by the fair credit act and the laws against harassing phone calls. Then ask if this person understands quite clearly what you are telling them? When they say yes, then say,” good because if I am ever called again I am going after you personally. “

It stopped all the calls here dead I never had another one after that.

And in case you are worried it will cause problems for the inlaws, it won’t. The collectors are pond scum and they are seeing you as a mark because you are in some way or another taking their nonsense, at least in their eyes.

Block the number?

We have our home line through our internet/cable company and they have a great online page that allows us to adjust our phone features. It also allows us to enter any number we want blocked (for free). So I would enter the number and block the call.

They aren’t giving out information on a debt

They just call saying they’ve unsuccessful at reaching them. They ask to leave a message or them or if we have another contact number for them. I am pretty sure my brother in law never used us as a contact or reference. He never calls our home phone. He calls his brother in his cell, my husband. The cell number he calls isn’t even registered to us…it’s a work cell. My guess is they used a public search for relative related to my brother in law. Our home number isn’t listed with the phone book or online phone books so I wonder how they got our #. I think next time we get a call, I will ask.

Since we are on the subject of debt collectors, I have a question

How do I get them to stop calling our house for my brother and sister and laws? They have never lived with us. This is the second time they’ve called. They ask for my husband. When I say he’s not here can I take a message….they ask if I am his wife. When I say I am, they say that we are listed as a relative for John and Jane Walker (not using their real names in this email) and they’ve been unable to reach them. Do we have a different contact # for them. I say no so they ask to leave a message with us for pass along to them. It’s really annoying.

And what bothers me more is that my brother in law and sister in law both take a lot of money from this website www.gshloans.com instant approval for payday loans online quite possibly 6 figures. Then I have to remember, debt is debt…the more money you make….the more you can spend.

Are collection agents just stupid?

scratch that. obviously threatening people works, or they wouldn’t do it.

I had a call from the CC company (the one the “minimum” due is $490). Went through the whole story about why I can “only” pay them $100 a month.

Person was like, we have programs which would lower your interest rate to 7 or 9%. I said, is that only if I give you $490? She’s like, well yes. My response was, well that’s not going to happen.


I interrupted her and said, that is not true. She goes, yes it is, that’s what you said. I said, do you want to put me on hold and play this recording back for your supervisor? She’s like, well you want us to waive late fees but you’re not willing to get your account current. I said, if you had been willing to work with me 6 months ago when my husband was just going back to work by waiving late fees like other creditors did, it would BE current by now.

She hung up.

I thought about it for a few minutes then called them back and told a new rep that I wanted to file a complaint.

Doubt it will do anything, but at least i’m on record.

That is awesome, Eld!

Seriously, once you start feeling the space open up, things will change for you so much! It’s actually much easier for me to get rid of things we no longer need now than it was a few months ago.

We just took a bucket to the thrift store this morning. I started keeping track in November and we’re just over 600 items. We still have a shed that has a bunch of stuff we had slated to sell. Since it’s getting colder, I don’t think we’ll be doing a yard sale anymore so we’ve just decided to take those, too. I just need to count them first. 🙂

Good luck on the minimizing. You can do it! (You ARE doing it!)

Saturday, I took 3 bags of

clothes(96 articles) and 3 boxes of books to the local Salvation Army dropoff. If I assume each box had at least 15 books, that’s about 141 items out of my house. And Sunday, I gave away some martial arts uniforms and protective equipment to someone from Freecycle. Still a LONG way to go…

I did it ;)

Just paid off Capital One (barring any add’l interest for this month which I’m sure will hit at the end of December.)

Wow. It’s amazing to see how fast one can get out of debt when you focus, even with all the setbacks. It seemed so unattainable this time last year. Now we’re almost done.

My score is starting to drop because I stopped using credit

The big one on my list is “Age of credit history” – F
The only reason I even have THAT card is I needed one in April to rent a vehicle in Reno. And I rented a vehicle in October as well. But it had never even been used for a purchase until last week, when I bought something from a website I was unsure of. I figured it was better to risk a credit card than my debit card. 🙂 That card will NEVER carry a balance, so the age of it probably won’t matter in the long run.
I’ll have a mortgage for a few years, so I can’t get to zero FICO for a long time. I’d consider THAT a measure of success… 🙂

Cleaning also solved our pig problem!

Still cleaning and de-cluttering, and at the same time our pbp (pot belly pig) Rosa discovered she could use her weight to knock over the dog food bin and gorge herself. It took her 3 years to make this discovery, and I am not even sure why or how since she is usually such a good girl who stays out of things (not normal for a pig).

DH and I weren’t sure where we could move the container to keep her out, but still be easy for us to access when the bin is at its full 50lb capacity. We put it up on the dryer for the time being since it was half full and lighter, but that wouldnt fly once it was time for a refill.

Well, cleaning up I found 2 old end tables in the pool house. They were the perfect width to sit in the corner of the laundry room, and put the food bin just out of Rosa’s reach. Shes a smart little piggy… so I also weighted the table drawer with extra landscape rocks from the backyard. I am sure she will try knocking the table over to get to the dog food, but I think we’ve got this pig proofed. Hope I am right!

Just before finding these tables, I was searching online to spend money on a different food container… here’s hoping we don’t have to.

Making a vow to try and pay my utility bills from my paypal debit card

That way I can transfer the cash out of my checking account immediately and it just sits in the paypal until the payment posts.

I goofed a bit this last week and forgot I used the credit union bill pay system to pay the electric bill. I set it as a scheduled payment, didn’t note the payment in my check register, and it didn’t draft until 4 days later. Caught me off guard! Still had the money in there luckily, but I would feel more comfortable if the money just came out right away. When I had chase (who ar evil…) I remember when I used bill pay it took the money immediately. Not sure why cu doesnt.

So to solve, I think paypal will be easiest… and it is free to transfer the cash.

Anybody have any other methods to tackle the withdrawal time for these types of payments?

Yes, because that is the way she has made it through life for 57 years

She would run up bills and then Mommy and Daddy would pay them. When dh and I took over dmil’s accounts in 2006 we cut her off more or less, but she still managed to get between $100 to $400, sometimes more a month from her mother one way or another.

Then in 2011 she told SS a bunch of lies, had MY mail transferred to her house until I threatened mail fraud charges against her. She now has complete control of dmil’s ss and the best we can figure has gone through over $100,000 in 3 years between the ss, cashing in life insurance policies and taking out charge cards and maxing them all in dmil’s name.

Now she can’t pay them and she’s giving them my phone number. I’ll have her butt arrested if it keeps on. Family or no family.

We truthfully have no idea where they are living or how to contact them, and the agency calling me a liar really made me angry.

I am shaking

THE sil ran up charge cards in dmil’s name and has not paid on the for at least five months we know of. Apparently she gave the collection agencies our number and they are calling here. She made a MAJOR mistake doing so. I am informing each and every one of them dmil has Azheimer’s that it is NOT her that is running the cards up and then not paying them but the sil and that they have a case of identity theft on their hands.

I do NOT have time for this each one is being told I do not know where dmil is, I do not have contact info on her and they are NOT to call here again. She does NOT live here and we are NOT responsible for her.

I can’t stand what this THIEF is doing I hope they jail her backside.

Dh said I should give them the phone number of the other sil who has believed every single lie THE sil has told her and let her deal with them. She has accused dh and myself of numerous bad actions based on the lies. Now am I that wicked or not.